FAQs - The Dorset Plane Pull
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Entering a team

How do I enter a team?

You can enter a team by either contacting one of our existing charities and expressing an interest with them, who will then purchase a space directly from us on your behalf.

Or if you would prefer to pull for a charity that is new to us, then you just need to get a representative of your chosen charity to get in contact with us and we can then send them all of the information that they need in order to register you as a team.

How much does it cost to enter a team?

Each charity sets their own entry fee for their teams, once you have expressed an interest with a charity and they are in communications with us they will then be able to inform you of their entry fee.

In previous years a number of our charities set an entry fee with the hope of sponsorship to be added to that.

How many people are in each team?

We recommend teams of 20 to pull, although teams have done it with less, so don’t be put off if you can only find a team of nearer 15. We have plenty of willing and able volunteers that can help out on the day if needed.

Teams of more than 20 can take part but they cannot participate for the fastest pull.

How long does the pull take?

The pull itself takes anywhere from 2 minutes to 25 seconds, depending on how fast you pull.

The overall experience however lasts a couple of hours. You are normally required to be at the event around an hour before your pull to ensure that registration of your team is complete well before your pull time.

Do I need to do any specific training for the event?

There isn’t any specific training required however we do require all pullers to be fit and healthy and to not suffer from any serious back problems. Anyone pulling must be able bodied as the pull itself, even if it is only 25 seconds is very strenuous. And you do the pull at your own risk.

Do I need to bring any equipment for the pull?

The only equipment that we require you to bring to the event is a pair of suitable shoes and a form of ID. Pullers will be, and have been, turned away if you do not have suitable footwear such as trainers and if you do not provide an adequate form of photo identification such as a passport or driving licence.

If you have any concerns about either of this please do contact your charity before the event and they will be able to give you more clarification.

The only other piece of equipment that some teams brings with them is a pair of gloves each in order to get a better grip on the rope, but this is in no essential to take part.

What age to you have to be to take part?

Our minimum age is 14 for a puller, and any puller between the ages of 14 and 16 will need their waiver signed by an appropriate adult. We have no maximum age, just so long as individuals are able bodied enough to pull.


The day itself

Is there an entry fee?

We don’t charge an entry fee although there are collection tins at the entrance gate if you wish to make a donation.

Is there parking nearby?

We have parking very close to the site that our marshals on the day will direct you to a space, which is a short walk from the entrance tent. Parking is also free.

Is the site disabled friendly?

Yes, we are on a levelled tarmac site which is very suitable for wheelchairs, we also have disabled toilets on site.

Are there other activities alongside the Pull to keep people entertained?

Yes plenty! We offer a large range of entertainment throughout the day.

We have a DJ and live bands that play throughout the day as well children’s entertainers.

We have a face painter and bouncy castles available for a small fee.

Our catering tent provided by Signature Catering offers delicious food and drink throughout the day.

We have an area that spectators and supporters can watch the pulls take place as well as information tents for all of the charities involved.

Do you accept card payments on site for entertainment and refreshments?

We currently are only able to accept cash on site, we therefore highly recommend individuals to get cash before entering the business park.

What time does the event start and finish?

The gates open at 10am with the pulls taking place all day, only stopping for an hours lunch break and 13:00 and the event finishes at roughly 17:30.

How do I get to the event?

The event takes place at European Aviation at Bournemouth Airport, detailed directions can be found by selecting the ‘Directions’ options from our drop down menu on our homepage.


Who are we

Who are the Dorset Plane Pull?

The Dorset Plane Pull is a family run event that was established 9 years ago when a fellow family member was in the late stages of Motor Neurone disease. It was created with the aim of raising money for the MNDA and another local charity,

Over the past 9 years the event has raised over £130,000 for a selection of local and regional charities which still includes the MNDA.

We are passionate about the Dorset Plane Pull as an event as we are able to raise money and awareness for local charities in a unique way that brings people from all over the South to take part in an exciting event.

We are proud to support all of our charities and we hope that the event will continue to be successful and grow in order to assist more and more charities.